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Our Facilities

Swimming Pool

There is a natural spring water swimming pool in front of the house for the use of the guests.

Tree House

  Guests can sit in the “Tree House” on the 100 year old mango tree built by traditional materials to enjoy the panoramic view around...

Your Hosts

Your hosts are Saijan and Manju, their children Henry, Tissa and Saijan’s mother Theyamma. We belong to Pulickal family. We open our family home to...

Estate Bungalow

Built in 1929, our colonial heritage estate bungalow and the surrounding land was owned by the pioneer British rubber planter JJ Murphy.


Trek to nearby Muthukora and Chakipara hills. We can arrange guides or you can trek yourself.  


Watch rubber processing in our farm; from tapping the rubber trees for latex, collection of latex and pressing / rolling to make rubber sheets.

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What Else We Provide

Walk Around Farm

Take a walk around our spice, medicinal and fruit eco-friendly farm. We have many medicinal plants in our property. Part of the farm is planted with Coffee, Pepper, Nutmeg, Vanilla,...

Visit Rubber Plantation

Visit the one thousand acres AVG Kutikal rubber plantation and the rubber factory operating more than 90 years.

Visit tribal temple

Visit tribal temple. Visit Pioneer British rubber planter J J Murphy’s tomb, who started the commercial rubber plantation in Kerala.


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